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The Perusall Blog

Written by Brittany Goranson

August 15 2022

Perusall: A Student's Perspective

Using Perusall was an enlightening experience and a multifaceted new way of learning. It was my first time using the program, and I was enrolled in a hybrid course called Special Populations that focused on the health and nutrition of pediatrics, athletes, and the elderly. Perusall helped me understand and grasp the material superiorly to studying the text on my own.

BrittanyThe platform emphasized the importance of reading to understand the information and not just for short-term memory storage. To gain full points, it was essential to access the assignment multiple times and not solely cram at the last minute. After all, learning something new takes time. Perusall improved my time management and the overall quality of my assignments.

My colleagues and I reviewed many scientific journals and made thoughtful annotations that tested our knowledge of the material. The annotations helped us to build a dialogue. I often "Perusalled" with the comments on to see what others had to say. It sparked my thinking and helped me to process the material.

The Perusall experience was interactive and like being in the best study group ever. Our professor would often pose questions in an article to prompt discussions, and I enjoyed the collaborative discussions between students that followed. The option to like or upvote others’ comments brought attention to pertinent information. Additionally, the program helped us get to know the professor’s teaching style, the information she wished for us to learn, and gain feedback from her after each Perusall assignment was due.

Perusall created a space where we could learn more about each others' knowledge, build off each others' ideas, and do so freely. I feel that using Perusall created an in-class experience where students felt comfortable speaking and interacting openly. We became familiar with communicating online in Perusall bi-weekly and did so respectfully. Without Perusall, I would not have learned and retained immense knowledge from the text, my peers, and my professor.

Keep calm and Perusall on!

Brittany Goranson
Nutrition and Dietetics Major
Florida International University


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