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New Perusall Features March 2023

The Perusall platform has released a batch of new features this month. Below, we will provide you with all the resources that you will need to implement them into your course successfully. 

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The ability to rotate pages while viewing documents

Documents within Perusall now have the ability to be rotated into the orientation that best suits your needs. Documents may be rotated to the left or the right by navigating to the Options tab, visible in the top right menu bar in any document that you are working on within Perusall. This can be especially helpful if you need to rotate a page to better see a table or graph that is on its side. 

Rotating pages -Perusall Zoom

Exempting students from assignments

This feature has been added to the assignment creation process. You can now create an entire assignment that can be assigned to the entire class, except for the students that you wish to exempt. This feature can be used, for example, when creating peer review assignments. Go to Add Assignment > Options > Assign to. Here, you can create the assignment and exempt the author of the material from the assignment. 

New Perusall Feature: create an assignment to assign to an entire class excluding some students

Adding math to annotations and quiz responses

Perusall now has a graphical math editor that allows your students to insert mathematical expressions into quiz responses and annotations. Using this feature requires no special knowledge and has become a heavily used feature in many Perusall STEM courses. LaTeX code may still be used as well. The math editor will stay in sync with any LaTeX that is entered so that a live preview can be seen. 

Gif Math

TA support

Teaching assistants (TA’s) are now supported within both standalone and LMS-integrated courses within Perusall. Teaching assistants have access to all course materials, can view all conversations, and contribute to discussions. Teaching assistants are not able to access grades, edit course or assignment settings, and they cannot create assignments. Add a TA in Settings > Access

Perusall platform new feature: adding Teaching Assistants to course

Ignoring deadlines

Perusall has created the ability for instructors to ignore deadlines when computing assignment scores. This feature supports courses that may be utilizing a mastery grading structure where students can complete their work for full credit, at any time, until the end of the course.

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