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March 08 2020

How Perusall helps classes moved online due to Coronavirus

Perusall is a free platform that guarantees students are prepared by managing the entire out-of-classroom experience for you, automatically. We designed Perusall to support learning no matter the mode of delivery: if you’re moving your class online due to the Coronavirus epidemic, you can count on Perusall to create an engaging virtual learning experience for your students. In this time of crisis, when faculty are being required to move in-person courses online, will you share this information with your colleagues or administration?

As the only truly social e-reader, Perusall keeps students motivated and learning even without an instructor standing in front of a classroom. Because setup is so fast, with or without integration into your school’s learning management system, Perusall can be quickly deployed mid-semester into an existing course. Research shows that Perusall increases student reading preparation from an average of 20-30% to >90%. By combining collaborative discussion and content annotation with automated grading that keeps students on track, Perusall creates a community among your students -- and improves their learning outcomes -- even when no one meets them face-to-face. No matter how you innovate teaching during this crisis, Perusall can help you maintain academic rigor and guarantee students learn.

Perusall is always free when used with your own content or open educational resources; there is no limit to the number of courses you can create or the number of students you can use Perusall with. Create a new course now, or email us at We’ll get you set up, answer your questions, or discuss any pedagogical issues that arise.

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