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Perusall’s December 2023 Upgrades: Enhancing Your Courses for Your Students


As we come to the end of our fall academic terms,  we're thrilled to introduce our latest features tailored to improving our social learning platform for you and your students. 📚 

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Support for MOV files in Google Drive - NEW 

Have a .mov file that you’d like to share with your students in your course? Perusall now supports .mov files in your Google Drive. You can add them to your Library by clicking Add content > Google drive link



New default hashtags in Perusall courseNew default tags for new courses (connection, keypoint, definition, important) - NEW

Hashtags are a great way for students to tag comments based on features that are of interest to them (or you). Like on a social network, a student adds a hashtag by typing the hash symbol (#) and then any word or phrase without spaces -- such as #ChainRule or #Alliteration. This is a great tool to use to consolidate information about the same topic, across multiple pieces of material, in one place!

Upon creating a new course, default tags can be found in the lower left hand corner of your reader screen. Use these in our list or create your own!


Self service refund books - NEW

Accidentally purchased a book that you no longer need? Perusall makes it easy for you to refund a book within your Perusall course.

To initiate a refund:

Perusall home > go to My Purchases > click on the Refund button next to your available book purchase. Please note: refunds are only available by the publisher within a 14-day timeframe and/or depending on the publishers' rules. 


Assignments can be extra credit in LTI 1.3 courses

Instructors now have the ability to assign extra credit assignments in their LTI 1.3 courses. Extra credit will show under Options when creating an assignment. These assignments are excluded from the average score in the Perusall gradebook.


Perusall is built by educators for educators, and we are continuously looking to improve our social learning platform for our educators and students. 

Have a Perusall feature request? Email us at We can’t wait to hear from you!


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